Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2016

Past week I was part of the highlight TV production and was responsible for the core media service for the „Wimbledon of FMX“, the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrids Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. I had the chance to ride the event a couple of times and still get goose bumps thinking about the energylevel the over 20,000 screaming fans cause when you ride into the bullring that became a FMX-course.

I am happy and thankful that I am still involved in this amazing event, even though doing interviews, installing GoPros and writing and translating press releases is a lot safer than backflipping a motorcycle in over 10 meters of height…

To give you an impresssion of the event and my work, you should check out the event clip we have produced with the „Novillero“ Sebastian Westberg, who was one of two young first-timers in Madrid: