Surprise, surprise: new look

Hello everybody,

surprise, surprise: something has happened here! After over one year of no posts or updates I finally decided to give my website a comlete rebuild. What has happened? Well, since my last post a lot of stuff has happened in my personal life. First of all: I got married in the end of August to my lovely Steffi who was known as „Fräulein Weiss“ and is now Mrs. Wolter. I also finished my full time pro riding career in the end of October 2010 and  jumped straight into the deep, cold water by becoming editor in chief of MOTOX magazine, Germany’s biggest and leading MX magazine. All this lead to a lot of work, stress, things that needed to be taken care of and getting organised… all of it plus the fact that there were no big news in my riding anymore led to this site not getting any love… until now!

Facebook is a tool to inform people about what you do, but the quality of information often sucks and not everybody is using FB. So I finally decided to get my website up and running again with a new look and feel and some changes contentwise. It is not about me as pro FMX rider anymore, it will be about me as person and the things that keep me busy: the magazine, photoshoots, events that I am involved in as consultant, organiser or announcer and of course still my bikeriding (of course I can’t stop to ride and never intended to, so meet me at the racetracks and FMX parks for the pure fun of riding…).

There is hope that I keep the site updated regularly, which is not supposed to be every 1,5 years (which still would be regularly if I stay in that rhythm…). Thanks for being interested in what I do. Maybe check out the „ABOUT“ section that I completely redid with oldschool pics and some more infos about me than just my riding.